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Resources for Modern Denominational Churches

Hello and welcome. This page is dedicated to advancing the causes, functions and purposes of Christianity as expressed through modern denominational worship. Our hope is to enhance our collective footprint as we seek to animate the Gospel message through our presence and our actions. This site works to equip leaders with strategies to claim our own creative identities, while staying grounded in our rich traditions. Using The Complete Contemporary Worship Handbook as a primary resource, the Least Common Denomination organization joins, studies and leads the conversation forward.


A Bit About Me

Brian Russell - Owner, CEO, Author

I’m not cool. I’m not a hipster with a waxed mustache and a ukulele. I do have black plastic framed glasses, which I fished out of the the bargain bin about seven years prior to them coming into vogue. I’m not a rock star. No one wants my autograph. Also, I’m not smarter than you. I don’t live in an ivory tower. I’m educated, and intellectual, but I am comfortably average as compared to my academic peers. Who I am is a Christian who has dedicated his life and career to developing and maintaining contemporary worship in denominational settings. I write from real experience with real churches with real challenges and thankfully, real success stories. Over the past 13 years, I’ve become a student of contemporary worship, learning from worship leaders around the country, from great minds at hallowed universities and from my own trial and error. I hope to combine this research into a resource that informs, equips and motivates worship leaders in a practical way.


The Complete Contemporary Worship Handbook

Langmarc Publishing, 2016

The Complete Contemporary Worship Handbook is a perfect resource for anyone involved in developing, creating or managing contemporary worship. Brian Russell, through extensive research and his own experience has compiled a "how-to" manual that will equip Pastors, Worship Leaders, Committees, or anyone interested in working toward more effective worship experiences.


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