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       Current Projects

The Complete Contemporary Worship Handbook

October 2016

The Complete Contemporary Worship Handbook is a perfect resource for anyone involved in developing, creating or managing contemporary worship. Brian Russell, through extensive research and his own experience has compiled a "how-to" manual that will equip Pastors, Worship Leaders, Committees, or anyone interested in working toward more effective worship experiences.

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Art Academies: Opportunities and Challenges for the Modern Church

Fall 2018

As Christian churches seek to deploy their time, talents, resources and physical assets for serving their immediate communities, art academies are emerging as an effective means to live out this mission. By building self esteem and fostering talent, art academies build up communities and bring vibrancy to otherwise under-served areas. This book will explore case studies in this developing effort, offering wisdom to churches looking to develop this type of creative ministry.

Wonderfully Made: Worship for Persons with Different Abilities


Several of the Least Common Denomination's contributors have been part of developing sensory worship for persons with exceptional challenges. This book is designed to inform the conversations many Christian churches find themselves in as we seek to engage persons of all abilities in our worship services.